“What do we wear for our photos?” This is probably the most common question I receive as a photographer. As part of the luxury photography experience I offer, I advise each and every client on exactly what to wear so that the final results are spectacular. As an example, here is a recent toddler milestone session that I shot locally in Londonderry.

Southern new Hampshire Family Portraits toddler milestone in yellow wildflowers

The vibe for this toddler milestone session was firmly “boho”. As a benefit for my clients, I have a number of outfits and accessories available for their use – taken straight from my studio wardrobe. This gorgeous toddler was so adorable in the early summer wildflowers that complemented the flowers on her dress so perfectly!

I have various places I like to purchase my client wardrobe items, one being Sunrise Baby & Co. The dresses featured in this session were custom-made especially for me, but they have so many gorgeous options available.

Toddler Milestone session with boho cream dress

If you prefer to have your child wear something you purchased for their toddler session, that’s no problem at all! I consult closely with my client before their session takes place on color, style and where to buy your clothes. Additionally, I’ve been known to go “shopping” in your closet through your existing items to help you pull your look together. My clients often text me snaps of their outfits laid out to get my “seal of approval”! Some general guidelines are to choose neutral colors for a timeless look, no logos and no tiny patterns or thin stripes. My particular preference is to use vintage-feel outfits – linen is gorgeous for little boys and flowing dresses for little girls.

What about accessories? Well, for a toddler milestone session, I would advise keeping those simple. For the girls, a floral halo or headpiece. One of my favorite vendors for these is Lavender & Moss. You will often see her pillows and headpieces featured in my newborn sessions. For toddler boy milestone sessions, I have some gorgeous derby hats, newsboy hats and the cutest ties.

Londonderry New Hampshire boho toddler milestone session

What about other props? Well, my philosophy is less is more, as you can see from these images. I will often incorporate something from the environment if this is an outdoor session – like a wildflower as you can see here. Additionally, I have the most amazing and perfect-sized wooden chair for the toddler milestone session. It not only makes them easy to pose, but it usually keeps them in one spot too!

Londonderry NH Child Portraits with wildflowers

I love to capture as many of your child’s expressions as possible during the session; they have such amazing personalities at this stage! Also, key to your toddler milestone session success is keeping it brief! At around age 2, you will not get their cooperation or patience for very long. I’ve learned to get those images quickly while avoiding any impending melt-down. I provide my clients with tips to ensure we get the best cooperation from my little clients as possible.

Londonderry NH child photos

Not only this, providing something to distract the toddler’s attention during the session is essential. I can easily direct them to “look at your flower” or “kick the rock” to ensure we get natural expressions and interaction for your photos.

Londonderry Child photographer smelling flower wearing boho dress

My goal is to make it easy to dress your toddler for their milestone session. Whether you choose to take advantage of clothing from my studio baby boutique or shop for yourself, you won’t feel alone in that process!

To see more examples of my toddler milestone sessions, you can view some of my portfolio here on my website.